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A Rain In The Desert

The awaited follow up to Written in Blood, picking up from where it left off. No Rain In the Desert is more forceful in it's commentary on socio-political issues of what will happen if things don't change for the better. While works on love, lust and dreams appear, they are done so only to provide a glimpse of a better world if we work for it now. Holding leaders into account, the poems here reflect the author's experiences, dreams, hopes and doubts. No Rain in the Desert is a work you'll come back to again and again.

--Robbert Stubblefield


Get To Know Robert: Robert Alex Stubblefield is a poet, activist, and organizer located in the DMV. He has performed poetry for African royalty such as King Toffa IX of Porto Novo. When not agitating for justice or writing, he can be found exercising, listening to music, or hanging with friends and family. He has recently published his second poetry volume No Rain In The Desert.

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