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A Self-Help Guide To Taking Action

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It's hard to take action when you are consuming too much information.

Taking action is the first obvious step to any self-help guide. But, there is one thing that most self-help guides fail to mention. It's hard to take action when you are either consuming too much information or doing too much, too fast. In this Self-Help Guide To Taking Action, we'll discuss what is causing information overload that is holding you back and learn how to stop trying so hard! Relax!

Your Self Help Is Causing Information Overload

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"You've been Zucked!"

What is Infoxication?

So, what is information overload, and what's causing it? Or, in other words, Infoxication. You might be thinking, is that even a word. And, yes it is. It's essentially the same thing as information overload. Infoxication is the difficulty in understanding an issue and effectively making decisions when you have too much information about that issue. And, it's associated with having too much information at one time.

How is different from Information Overload?

Infoxication is considered a phenomenon, an overload or excess of information caused by content on the internet. On average, people are consuming way more information that is really necessary to understand concepts. Although we can't help how much information is on the internet, we can help how much we listen and view it.

How do I know if I have Information Overload or Infoxication?

A few signs that you should take a break from social media and the internet are as follows:

  • Thought Block - It's easy to skip over it when it happens. But, if you find that you can clearly come to decisions about a topic it's time to take a break.

  • Information Assumption - Do you ever watch a TikTok or read a tweet and automatically assume that it's correct, without any evidence to support the claim? Another sign that it's time to hit the pause button.

  • Verbatim - Maybe you can't come to your own conclusions or form your own concepts around issues or ideas. Instead, you repeat exactly what you hear the content say or write.

Your Doing Too Much, Too Fast

In the west, the United States has a large part to play in information overload. You look around you and see everyone in constant motion. Striving for success, aching to become someone important, depressed that they are not contributing to society in some way. And, although these are good goals to have in life, sometimes it's too much too fast.

A lego man laying in the open
What happens when you achieve what you planned? What will you do then?

The instant gratification of achievement addiction will only get you so far. What happens when you achieve what you planned? What will you do then? Keep achieving more? Where do we call it a stop to all of the success and achievement?

Learn to slow down with these simple and easy steps to slow track your mind and lifestyle:

  • Do Nothing - Try simple movements to slow yourself down. Daydream, find a comfy spot to lay down on your floor and stare at the ceiling, breath, and exist.

  • Disconnect - Book a cabin in the woods, turn off your phone, and spend some time by yourself.

  • Less is More - Especially in this case, do the bare minimum. Eat, Drink, Sleep. Don't worry about what you'll wear, who you will talk to, or your emails. Just relax and think about the present moment.

  • Practice Smiling - Whether you say hi to your loved one or snuggle with your dog. Just smile and enjoy the moment, knowing that you will never achieve another moment exactly like this one again.

A hand holding a globe reflection
Do yourself a favor, relax.

Stop Trying So Hard

It feels good to keep up with the latest trends, fashion, and self-help guides. But do yourself a favor, relax. There is no better time than now to realize how valuable you are even without all the glitz and glamour of life. You are still valuable without your achievement, athletic ability, intelligence, fashion trends, and success. Take a break and comment on Twitter or below with your updates!

Follow along, speak your opinion, and do not be shy.

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