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Adilyn Wardwell: Knight's Wrath

The story of Adilyn Wardwell is quite tragic, as the second child of the Duke or Regum she grew up alongside her sickly older brother Darius Wardwell and her childhood friend the adopted child of the Wardwell family Herschel Stott. Over the course of the story Adilyn falls for Herschel as well as her personal tutor Sullivan Walsh. A damsel in distress that takes a stand after being endlessly manipulated and put down by everyone around her, eventually Adilyn ends up alone despite her two suitors. Adilyn is completely sheltered from the world and its possible magical elements meaning they have almost no place in the current story, save for some plant life and places on a map. This book is the first installment of what is planned to be a nail biting book series, follow Adilyn Wardwell as she makes her way through an unforgiving world to discover not only herself but all the things she missed out on through her upbringing.

--Adilyn Wardwell


Get To Know Sage Ferry: This is my first published work! I've been writing for as long as I can remember and am so excited to share this story with the world.


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