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Becoming Terrestrial

Reed Rothe was born to young parents in the late 70s. His family knew he was a creative child even before he won a school writing contest in second grade. The story was about a boy who turned into an Ankylosaurus after eating a magic apple, but it got very deep for a seven year old. Being a cerebral child of small stature made the want of acceptance from his peers hard fought, so he read a lot. It was Blume in elementary school, King in middle school, and Crichton in high school and into adulthood. After the later passed in 2008, he shifted to an eclectic blend of non fiction, and finally, two years later, he decided to try his hand at becoming a serious writer himself. Becoming Terrestrial is the end product of writing in spare time he cobbled together while trying to make a living in the service industry.

--Reed Rothe


You can follow Reed On Twitter at @ReedRothe to stay up to date on the release of Becoming Terrestrial.

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