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Earthquake Kidnapping

"Pappa." He calls out softly as he began to awaken, his eyes dilating around the room. "Pappa," he repeats, a little louder. "Don't worry," The woman says, attempting to reassure him. She is a brunette, wearing a light green skirt, and looks 5 foot 1.

She pauses for a moment, then gestures to the open door. She clears her throat and begins to speak. "You can leave later if you want, but there are some things to cover first." His rapid breathing slows, and he seems to be thinking for a moment.

"Wh, why was I brought here?" "The SLJ received notice of a deadly earthquake where you were residing. Your father thought it was a ploy and refused to allow you to leave. Thus we had to 'kidnap' you, I suppose. He has survived an earthquake before, but since your mother was human, we couldn't guarantee the same for you. You'll need to stay here for a few days till the area is deemed safe." "We, as in The Superhero's League of Justice? So we're Lockshire? Pappa ... my father said not to trust you. Humans are jealous of our power, so they'll judge us based on how we look and what we can do." He cringes ever so slightly like he is not sure how much of this he believes. She doesn't hesitate. Clearing her throat with silent burps, she prepares to respond. "Some will. Not just humans. We all judge. That's why you will be guarded. Most assumptions are light and can be changed. Some people are just afraid. We had to do some safety tests, considering the substances in your previous place of residence, but you can visit the town now if you want." She says all this in an informative tone, seemingly conveying little emotion to the untrained eye. Although her words are clear and well articulated, her lips scarcely move. "Guards?" The boy questions, just as instantaneously. He is clearly shocked but trying not to show it. "Yeah, one. Me." "You?! What can you do?"

She finally lets out a small smile and lightly flicks her finger and thumb towards a statue, creating a ball of fire rolling towards it. He looks ready to interject. She holds up my hand a little, like a pause sign, but then waves it left to right. A forcefield appears in front of the ball just before it touches the statue. His jaw drops open looking lost for words. She lets out a proud grin of satisfaction. Then, quickly collecting herself, she questions the boy once more.

"So, want to explore the town?"



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