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An Ultimate Guide on Economics designed to be the best of the best. The blog post to end all blog posts–everything you will ever need to know about economics from a learning enthusiast.

Whether you just started learning about economics or are already well-informed, you can find my personal insights on economics here. Ideally, always research information thoroughly before sharing that knowledge with friends, loved ones, and especially colleagues. But in this blog, I always like to say that there is freedom in writing the wrong words. We never get it right the first time. So be kind to yourself when learning new things!

I personally started my interest in economics with a piggyback ride off my intense interest in cultural anthropology. I stumbled upon economics on accident and have fallen in love with the complexity and resourcefulness that it entails. It can be challenging to sort information on the internet, but I made it easy. Here are some basics on economics and subjects to expect in this blog.

Be easy on yourself when learning, and stay humble as you dive into the complexities of economics. Find some quick basics in the next section to get started.

Quick Basics to Economics

The literal definition for economics is the social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Economics has a primary focus on behavior and interaction between what we call economics agents. Economics agents are influencers, producers, and consumers of capital markets. Within economics, you can find two main categories Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Microeconomics analyzes elements in the economy whereas Macroeconomics centrally focuses on the economy as a system. There are other broad distinctions within economics, but for now, we will focus on entry-level concepts. Learn more about why this topic is so vital to daily life.

Why is Economics Important?

What Economic Subjects Can I Find in this Blog?

Knowledgable About Economics Yet?


Why is Economics Important?

Economics can offer a great deal of insight into society, including politics, religion, the environment, science. Economic discussion can be found dating back to the Greek and Roman age. Implemented in every part of the modern-day world with increasing questions about poverty, inequality, megacities, and technology. A basic understanding of Economics can be just as beneficial as an in-depth one. Applying economic concepts to your everyday life can equip you with the tools needed to improve your quality of life and those around you.

Appreciating the real value that economics has on our world and the societies that we live in can benefit your quality of life.

What Economic Subjects Can I Find in this Blog?

Like always, in-depth research never hurts anyone, unless maybe you go too far down the rabbit hole and no one ever sees you again. At any rate, I do not know everything there is to know about economics. But, from what I have learned, I know what kind of economics interests me the most. Find out what kind of economics you will learn in this blog.

The consumer, we all consume products and witness the never-ending marketing that the industry entails. But what happens when a city is primarily a consumer market. Take Macau, for example, an economy that has shrunk more than 20% in a year. Gambling culture has always been a part of its history, even before the 1850s. What can you expect from a predominant gambling market? Well, you find that the city is controlled by corrupt officials, and so gambling addictions ensue. But with the GDP so dependent on the gambling industry, what is Macau to do? Some speculate that tourist attraction is the alternative to bringing diversity into the city that citizens say needs a desperate shift.

We use tech for dating, social networking, and transactions: with some economists suggesting that tech has replaced the need for face-to-face interactions. An increase in megacities says otherwise. Like never before, in cities, you can find varied social opportunities, higher wages, and public investment. More options and more educational growth in tech are booming. In cities like Boston, young entrepreneurs are starting in the tech industry at ages 9 and 12. Technology is advancing civilization as we know it and gives hope and to look towards in our future.

Transportation goes hand-in-hand with tech as we race towards the finish line. Robin Chase, an American transportation entrepreneur, co-founder, and former CEO of Zipcar talks about the positive effects that autonomous vehicles have on the economy. Variations like marginal costs, financed transportation, and traffic congestion. As cities grow in numbers and complexity, transportation becomes a topic of increasing interest.

Knowledgeable About Economics Yet?

Yeah, me neither. Time for you to take what you have learned and apply it! We have reviewed the economic basics, the importance of economics, and the subjects you will find in this blog. With a basic understanding of economics and economics subjects we will talk about soon, you can expect you now have the advantage in your research.

Follow along, speak your opinion, and do not be shy.

If you have questions about the content or are interested in future blogs, comment below and post to stay engaged.

Or, if economics isn't your cup of tea, look out for posts and self-improvement, anthropology, and poetry.

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