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Experiences of a Yin & Yan Friendship

Her friendship is needed like rain after a long hot summer. Our laughs together are like the hair raising on my arms and back, fleeting. Today she told me unfortunate news about her father and my heart dropped to the floor. I stared at it lifeless on the ground while I tried to think of what to say. I could tell that she was sore and afraid of all the hypothetical consequences that might happen to her father. Of course I offered my fall back advice which is to offer optimism in the face of obstruction.

I watched as she inclines her ear every time I offer a different point of view. Likewise I am eager to share new knowledge with her. It gives us both a sense of enlightenment and an invitation for introspection. For me, I get the gratification of sharing my mind knowing that she appreciates it.

I can differentiate all her laughs now. Her high pitched ones are when she’s nervous around men and she can’t help but squeal. When we talk just to talk her laugh comes from her stomach as she really laughs out of being humored.

Our friendship is built on yin and yang. Her quiet and reserved nature in motion with my ambitious independent ways. “Together well get there” is what I always tell her.

She offers me peace in the face of adversity. Sometime I think I am in control but I am only a strong as she lets me be, a true women.

Follow along, speak your opinion, and do not be shy.

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