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Feeling the Feels

An empath, I am. I feel the energy around me, and like a snake, I shed my skin around the people who I feel a connected energy with. the light that shines bright before me and everyone else, I feel the light, the warmth, the coziness of the familiarity. like a storm that's been stirred up within the twilight clouds, they hold back their tears. I feel the rain about to come, I feel the tension rising around me as the wind swoops downwards alongside the valley. Over the plains, the feel of the green grass and the frogs croaking in the creek near the old mill allow for me to feel the serenity of the creek, the nerves of the frog and the sad plains as they continue to try and dance across the fields. --Emily


Get To Know Emily: Emily has always been passionate about words and the emotions they evoke.

Follow Emily's Instagram: @cherryxox_

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