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Difficult decisions

Like any other

decide our fate

But today

We have the most difficult decision of them all

The choice to bare arms

Or fold to another's cause

Without any hesitation

Without a second thought

Without contemplating

It is us that, will go to war

Battling through it all

We will not surrender

embarking all towards hornor

To Protect our cause

Our freedom

Our country

Our glory

We fight


Striking the first hand

We Send forth everything we've got

All legions into their first community

Our enemy is caught unaware

A herd of a stampede can be heard

As we lay waste to all our unprepared foe

taking down, everyone in the vicinity

Our first attack, we lost none

But Then from the distance

wave after wave

Of nutrition come heading our way

We gaze towards them

clenching our fists at surprise

caught unaware of our almighty foe

And their fighting number, they proceed

We clash amrs

Struggling against their barrage

we continue to fight strong

Throwing down everything we've got

Live or let die

We continue to fight to our very last man

Causing havoc far more than them

Indulging pain with every strike

But they don't stop coming

We feel the heat

This will be the day that marks our alignment, to the next journey

Into the afterlife

knowing this can be true

we staple our images into their brains

And instead this will mark the day that they remember us

The legion of air's

Continuing to fight

We are bringing down their number