How to Inspire Through Collaboration

Collaboration is bringing individual talents together towards a common aim. The importance of aligning in the workplace is increasingly beneficial and sought after. Because of the effect collaboration has on productivity, breaking barriers, and impactful decisions, it's being implemented in the most successful scaling companies.

“Organizations that destroy the status quo win.
        -Seth Godin

What is Collaboration?

Collaboration is a coalescence of ideas that can flourish any company, project, or initiative. It's a concept that everyone has unique individual talents and perspectives that are additions worth recognition and implementation. Involving the small teams on challenging communication road bumps and assigning team members to projects as cohesive units can provide increased input can illuminate unforeseen solutions.

For example, Susan has a tight deadline for a company project on How To Bring Co-Workers Closer Together. Instead of making an executive decision and creating an event or meeting on her basis of togetherness, Susan reached out to all her employees to ask what they would enjoy doing to help them feel closer to their co-workers.

Inviting team members to share what they would like to see to bring the team closer together establishes trust and the opportunity for collaborative decisions on future projects that make a positive impact on the whole team.

Merging Minds in The Workplace

	As the saying goes, two minds are better than one, or in this case, many are better than one. 

Merging minds enables teams to break down communication barriers and opens doors to sharing more aspects of each other in the workplace. While it is important to invite new ideas, it's equally important to challenge new ideas. Challenging ideas can facilitate healthy responses to stretching questions.

A Method That Works

What can help facilitate collaboration is the opportunity for huddles and stand-ups on a daily/weekly basis. Individual teams touching base first thing on a Monday bi-weekly or every day creates expectations and keeps everyone coordinating efficiently.

In each meeting, find creative ways to connect, like sharing one good thing that happened to you for the week or group exercises where teams solve thought-provoking puzzles--creating positive connections and helping individuals innovate and share visions outside of huddles and stands ups, like coordinating events, projects, and outside of work get-togethers.

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