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How You Can Improve Your Outlook on Life - Right Now

I am married to the world's biggest pessimist, ok not the world's biggest but definitely the biggest in my world. Yet, even with his Debbie-Downer attitude he still managed to improve his outlook on life. This is good news for you and proves you can improve your outlook on life.


You see he realized that he was healthy, and unlike the predictions from his mother and grandmother, he married an awesome chick. (I am a little biased, but oh well let me toot my own horn)

When he began to look at the good things in his life, his whole outlook on life started to change, and he started noticing something.

Good things began happening.

For instance, he realized he wasn't cursed, and he has a good life.

How You Can Improve your Outlook On Life

in our Winter Wellness Course, we go over a number of ways to ensure you elevate your self-care. which you can sign up for below.

One of the topics I go over is journaling. While my husband would never be caught journalling it is something I highly recommend. Journaling is incredibly useful when you need to purge emotions and thoughts.

When you write down your feelings you feel almost free, because the journal isn't going to judge you or mock you. Plus, you can use your journal to look back on to help you understand yourself. Self-discovery is interesting and is amazing.

Here are some examples on how you can use journaling to help your outlook on life

If you don't know where to start, fear not I have a free journaling PDF for you to download.

Take your time when choosing a journal. Allow your own personality to shine through your journal, pick one that allows you to feel creative and want to pick it up. If you enjoy drawing, get a bullet journal or blank pages so you can draw and write, whichever you like to do at the moment.

Perhaps do as Anne Frank did and give your journal a name. Write to your journal as though it is your best friend. Doing this will help you from preventing yourself from writing. Even if you hate writing you will feel as though you are writing a pen-pal or someone special.

And remember there really are no rules, so if drawing is a better outlet for you then draw!

For example:

I also recommend that you create a schedule to dive right into your journal. After all, you want to track how you are feeling and you want to be able to identify a pattern. Tracking your moods will also help you to identify triggers.

Perhaps you suffer from anxiety, knowing your triggers may provide you with tools to manage your anxiety.

Journaling could also give you the tools to correct or change a behavior. Meaning, If every time you wake up in the morning and you find you are in a bad mood, ask yourself why?

Be detailed in your journal entries. The vaguer you are the less you are going to learn, but the more detailed you are the more you will be able to help yourself and eventually change your outlook.

Once you understand what it is that is either constantly bringing you down or causing you to look at life with a negative eye then you can do something about it.

Begin by saying or thinking something positive. For instance, instead of saying "I only expect the worst of people, so I don't try to make friends." Try saying, "People are usually very nice, and I know there are a lot of people out there with similar interests."


Another great way to change your outlook on life is to volunteer. Here you can meet people and forge friendships. Interaction with people really can have an effect on your perspective of life.

Volunteering can also help elevate feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Take positive actions

Most of us know that life is full of ups and downs. Some of us tend to only focus on the bad part. Instead of doing that focus on the positive opportunities and stick to them. For instance, "I am never going to meet someone."

Change this way of thinking into something such as, "I haven't met the person I wanna be with yet, but I still can."

The most powerful thing you should remember is you have control and the power to choose a different path. We can either choose to believe in the negative or we can choose to believe in the positive.

Believing in the positive will allow us to continue reaching for the positive.

Replace Negative Thoughts

Going back to our journal, this is another way to help you change your outlook. If you notice that all you write about is negative thoughts and beliefs then you can do something about it.

By replacing the negative thoughts about yourself with positive ones, you become empowered. Thinking pessimistically, "My life is never going to be as I want it, " , try telling yourself that your life can be whatever you want it to be.

You are in control, even if you don't believe it.

Reframing your way of thinking isn't lying to yourself. This just means you are changing the view. Instead of thinking the glass is just water, believe it is a milkshake with chocolate chips and sprinkles and whip cream.

Remember, you got this!

Click the here to receive your journal pages to help you get started with your positive thinking.

Christina is a freelance writer, blogger and content creator based in France. Currently she is trying to improve her French, much to her family’s dismay, through singing.

Follow along, speak your opinion, and do not be shy. If you have questions about the content or are interested in future blogs, comment below and post to stay engaged. Or, if self-improvement isn't your cup of tea, look out for posts on economics and poetry. Or, become a member to write on the forum and post your own content!

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