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I'm Sorry My Dear Human

I’m sorry, my dear human. Every day I wake up with my old bones and blurry eyes, but that’s okay because I have you, human. You have been my human for so long, and I have devoted my whole life to you. Even though I am going grey, and losing teeth you still feed me and give me water. My caregiver, you have always been there to feed me and make sure my nails don’t get too long. I try my best to give you all of the love I have in me. Even though most days you are too busy. You work so hard human, I can understand why you don’t want to have cuddles with me. I do get cuddles sometimes and those are the best times, and you even give me some belly scratches once in a while. I hope that the days you come home and want to give me attention, they always make me smile. Most days I eat and sleep and try to see if you want my love that day, but most of the time I’m shooed away. I sit alone and drift in and out of sleep, it’s hard for me to play with my toys these days. But I still have you, human, to feed me… I know I’m not the puppy you used to love; something new is exciting. But I am still me, and I love you even more now I can show you if you’d like my dear human. No? Oh okay… that’s okay I’ll go back to my cozy bed. It’s not so bad, I have a big fluffy bed to lay on and easy access to water and food when I need it, I can even go to the bathroom without you. But it sure was nice when we went on walks together… I understand being a human is hard but sometimes this bed gets cold and I want your warmth, but I do understand humans. Being a human must be so hard, I couldn’t imagine all of the toys must play with all day long, and the walks you go on when you’re gone for so long every day. I wish you wouldn’t yell at me telling me you never even wanted me, or that I’m useless. I try so hard to be wanted, I try to do things like I used to. It sure does get hard when you grow into a big dog.. I’m not new and exciting anymore. I do wish I was young and excited again. Maybe then you would want to give me pats and scratches again like you used to. I dream about those times, it’s all I dream about. You are all I know human, I’m thankful to have you. I’m not all you know, you have human friends you bring home sometimes. I love seeing the smile you have on your face when they are around. Your human friends do give me pats and scratches, to them I am still new and exciting I suppose. I do very much enjoy the pats and scratches from your human friends, but I prefer your hand. I’m sorry, my dear human, that I am no longer new and exciting for you. --Isabella Ariel-Clair


Get To Know Isabella: Hello, my name is Isabella. I’m a writer, and I write to let emotions out that I cannot explain physically. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, and maybe my work will help others understand what it’s like to have it.

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