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Updated: Apr 24

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"I never started a poem whose end I knew. Writing a poem is discovering." - Robert Frost

A brief Introduction to Poetry

In this intro, you'll discover what kinds of poetry I will be writing. Of course, I have to make it clear that I am in no way a professional. That's the whole idea, having the freedom to write the wrong words. After all, we can't always get it right the first time. So, tag along in the next section and see if it's your cup of tea.

Dark Poetry

I've always felt a need to voice my emotions through poetry when I am stuck in a dark head space. I write about toxic love, grief/loss, and sensual experience went wrong. Through these poems, I can make sense of it all in the most nonlinear way I know how.

But, thankful I write other poetry too. Find out what else sparks my interest in the next section. It might spark your interest too!

Blissful Poetry

Ever find beauty in the simple things in life? Me too, and that's why I get creative when I can find bliss. It elicits warm fuzzy feelings like joy and peace. And who doesn't like a little peace? I'll write about admiration for nature, subtle gestures/sounds, and self-love. Keep tagging along and find poetry that captures the feeling of bliss.


I invite you to comment, <3, and explore Klusterial for your next inspiration and sign to start your niche. It's a challenge to try to get it all right and perfect. But that's just it. It doesn't have to be right or perfect to be you.

If you like my intro to poetry then check out more in Poetry on the "All Posts" page.

Do you like writing poetry too? Comment in this intro if you like, <3, or just want the opportunity to post your own poetry!

For more on Robert Frost poetry, check out this youtube video!

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