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Shadow Side

A war raging on for centuries against the nefarious shadow elves that threaten to obliterate the humans. Wiping them out of existence. Dwarves and elves coming to the humans' aid, all three fighting to push the monsters back into their dark territory and save the human race until one of the elves' greatest warriors vanishes...

Centuries pass and the war still rages on. During this time, a young boy's dreams come true when he's granted his request to train as a paladin. Now a young man, he struggles to prove himself worthy of the paladin name and fight along his brethren in the war.

What's worse?

The love of his life has him stuck in the friend zone or the war with the shadow elves, who now have human followers, that seek to end those who won't follow?

A tough choice for Virgil who only wishes for acceptance and a chance to help end this war.


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