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Stop Stuffing Your Face

Food is considered a necessity which we require to live. When does it become our nemesis? Sure, the necessity is there, but there are so many tempting foods out there that we know aren't good for us, but we can't resist the urge to indulge. Sure, you eat because you're hungry, but might you also be eating when you're stressed out? Had an exceptionally bad day at work? Or just bored? Do you know how to enjoy your food, not only for the sake of making you feel better? Those treats you like to indulge in aren't bad, they just need to be eaten in moderation.

Eating has grown to become an enjoyable pastime. Gathering together on holidays and special occasions. Bringing the family together and creating family traditions with meals you prepared, passing on those secret family recipes to the next generation. Cooking simply to fulfill a need isn't the way the majority of people look at food today.

If you are emotionally eating to fill a void in your life, why do you turn to food? Do you realize you are even doing it? It can effect men as well as women. This book is going to explain what exactly emotional eating is, why you do it and how you can control it. For the sake of your health, don't let food control you anymore - take back your control.

--Jason Newman


Get To Know Jason: Hi this is Jason from Manchester UK. I have decided to share my wisdom having had bad and unhealthy habits all my life. I want to help people with life's common issues by writing self help books.


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