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Surviving The Expedition

I should confess that in order to survive, I had to eat most of my captains' crew. When the madness struck us, some of us were not okay with the idea of cannibalism. I did fail to convince the captain that the only way we could survive the journey was to sacrifice the injured crewmates. We needed them for protein. He insisted I had gone mad, so I boiled

him and fed him to his men. When they asked me what I had fed them, I felt no need to lie. I told them it was their captain, the priest. Disgusted by my choice of protein, they left the kitchen to vomit. That’s when I got my second chance. I locked the kitchen door and began smashing the engineer's head with a pan. The hot oil burned his flesh as he screamed in

horror. The priest hearing all the commotion, begged me not to kill him. I couldn’t resist, as the old saying goes, part of the crew, part of the stew.

The priest desperately tried to break the lock as I butchered his friend, but by the time he entered, I had already cut the engineer's head off. Terror-stricken by what I had done, he fled from me. I made slurping sounds as I chased him off the ship. He asked me why I was doing this? I mocked him by imitating his voice. It angered me that he wouldn’t let me

consume him. Sure we had enough meat for the stew now, but why not make more stew? The priest just didn’t want to understand. It was truly unfortunate that he escaped.

Nonetheless I had fresh meat ready to be cooked. The following morning the navigator and hunter had come back. We had tea and talked about a line of attack. The plan was to sacrifice the priest to the yellow king so he would grant us the ability to use the dark arts. We built totems on the ship and decorated them with the heads of our enemies. We prayed

to the king of beasts, "Make our stomachs into killing machines so we may fill our bellies with the flesh of our kin, give us legions of cannibalism, cruelty, and pain! O King!”

In the distance we could hear the priest howl as he was being ripped apart by wolves. Music to our ears. The navigator had whispered to me, “Now all that is left is to kill the hunter.” Brothers, I had no choice. I had to protect my friend! I lured the navigator into a cave and began hacking him. He cried and begged me to stop. He asked me why I had betrayed him. I told him it was because he was a dirty little pig boy that belonged in the dirt. He tried crawling away, but I caught up to him. He didn’t like how I cut out his heart and ate it. His gaze still haunts me.

--Death Blowing Bubbles


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