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  • Jacob Mahlangu

The Contemplation

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

We live in divided worlds conjoint together, Could it get any better? Hide our sadness through gifts we pamper, Fearing nearing death every end of December? We awake and celebrate a new beginning, New plans and resolutions same old feelings,

A picture of the word happiness with a light in the distance for The Contemplation
Image by Jacob Mahlangu

Wounded souls no doctors to provide the healing, And yet we breathe and release pretend we don't experience the pressure, We play around with the risks like little kids ignoring danger, Touch the flames and get burned repeating the action forever, Will we ever be reasoned with? Never! Brightest nights bring the darkest stars enlightening the clever, We gather around and summon the past as if it doesn't hurt us, The connection of our conscience to our nerves is severed, Like little puppies we demand affection as for someone to care and pat us.

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