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Two Minute Warning

Imagine…in your mind’s eye you suddenly see the next two minutes of your life playing out…it’s not pretty. Fact of the matter, left unchanged this will be the end of you. Except you have a precious two minutes to change that outcome and live to fight another day! This unique ability is possessed by one Jason McVay. Follow the young Private Investigator as he and his team work to solve a kidnapping. They quickly find themselves enmeshed in a much wider Russian plot to steal cutting-edge stealth technology. Loss of this technology could alter the world’s balance of power significantly. With the support of the CIA and FBI, Jason’s team works to thwart the Russians, who are determined to succeed at any cost. Further complicating matters, an FBI mole must be ferreted out. The story is fast paced; with numerous twists and turns, creating a constant sense of anticipation. The story’s climax includes a blindside the reader will not see coming! The strong female characters are every bit as capable and savvy as their male counterparts.Buckle up and enjoy the ride! --James Gurtner


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