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We Are But Air

Escape from self is never what we are escaping from more often than not it is an escape within ourselves. But I am not the authority you are. You are such an authority on the matter that you have forgotten or potentially just become so inundated. Just like a flow state, the feeling of being completely absorbed within. We have created a center away from the natural one. The natural one being inside, right behind your forehead. The part that allows us to be us, through self-monitoring; emotional/cognitive control. The potency of you and me and we. Has become displaced within shared interactions. Emotional exhaustion, a term which coincides with burnout may be an agreeable understanding.

Yet of course this is not a true dichotomy instead a gradient which may be more or less natural at its start. Our physiological needs to search for/create greener pastures. Which I will agree to be fair. Escape should not bear an infinite negative connotation, yet it is simply easier to understand things in this manner, good or bad. Repetition flows into comfortability yet escape is a never ending process. In short the pastures can always be greener. So it seems that the repetition that we become comfortable with is the intrinsic process of escape. This then reflects the culture, the way of life, our collective ethos. The withdrawal to our transient existence, our turtle shell, our epistemic bubble. When we pop our heads out we can only look at what is around us. Contemplation then follows into the next escape which again exists as a gradient.

It may be impossible to define escape as good or bad as each escape flows from the next, an infinite stream of bubbles being blown on a school playground popping as the next is created until there is no more air to fuel them. It becomes apparent that the air must be the essence what propels the bubbles to move into the next, but it is also what inevitably forces the bounds of the bubble to expand and pop. Could we then exist as air within the confines of a bubble? It must be the case, but for how long? If the stream of air is simply redirected away from the wand and merely blown into the open, what then? Must we define ourselves within our transient understandings or can we just be air, together. --Epistemic Escapism


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